About me

I'm Ben. By day I do customer success at Taxi for Email, working with the #emailgeek community. By night, I run, I eat, and I make stuff.

A picture of Ben Hubbard

Tell me about your running!

I don't think anyone who's actually spoken to me about running has ever asked that question 😅.

I run a lot. Since moving to London, I've run with Run Dem Crew, LDN Brunch Club, and now with Track East, where I'm on of the captains.

My social life revoles around running, and I've met some really awesome people through the various communities I've run with. More writing to come about those people.

I set myself a challenge to complete 100 races before I turned 30. I managed it!

100 medals done

Werk werk werk werk werk

In my role at Taxi for Email I look after the Customer Success, Support and Education team. My goal is to create the best customer experience for our users, and I want to use this blog to share my learnings and discoveries in public.

The aim is to build a network of Customer Success professionals to learn from, and discuss ideas and approaches with on Twitter and via my semi regular newsletter.

The majority of my career has been spent working for marketing technology platforms, in both marketing and customer success roles. Previous roles have been at GatherContent, and PAYMILL.