WFH tips

Written on March 17, 2020 - 2 minute read

There’s loads of articles and videos out there about how to best work from home. I learned a lot about what works for me whilst I was working remotely for 2/3 years. Besides the obvious tips around your desk set up (it’s probably too late to change that too much at this stage), I wanted to pull together some tips that I learned during WFH life.

1) Try to commute

Whilst we can still leave the house, take a walk around the block to get some fresh air, and help your mind move into work mode. This also forces you to get dressed properly, so you aren’t trying to be productive in your PJs from your bed. Working from home takes discipline, so you need to help your mind focus.

2) Take a lunch break

You probably work harder when you’re on your own as you don’t have the distraction of the water cooler or tea round to take natural breaks from your desk. You won’t have commuted either, so you might have the temptation to start earlier or finish later. This means it’s really really important that you spend some time away from work during the day. You can only focus for so long on one thing, so having a break helps you be more productive. Plus, who needs an excuse to CFH (cook from home) at lunch?!?

3) Talk to your colleagues about more than work

The social aspect of working with the same people every day, and getting to know them and their life details is really undervalued. It’s not until you’re working remotely that you notice this. There’s lots of ways to handle this, but one that has worked well for me in the past is spending the last 5 or 10 minutes of a catch up meeting talking about your personal life. It’s important to not neglect this!

4) Exercise daily

Movement is vital to a healthy body. Commuting is sometimes the only exercise that someone gets. There’s lots of ways you can exercise solo, or at home. Walking, daily yoga, press up/plank challenges are all ideas for things that you can do for free - you can also subscribe to lots of exercise apps.

5) Have background music or noise

Working in an office means that there’s nearly always a background hum of noise, or if you’re lucky, an office Sonos playing music. Mimicking this will help you to focus better. It took me ages to work this one out!!

6) Say hi to your team in the morning

I forgot one! Make sure you say hi to your team in the morning. Not for presenteesim (that can get in the sea), but to let your team know you're around and spark some conversation. You'd say hi when you got to the office, so why not here?

Got any tips that worked for you? Let me know!