I had coronvirus, this is what it was like

Written on March 26, 2020 - 4 minute read

I’ve sadly had Coronavirus since Saturday and a fair few people have asked me “What’s it like?”, “What did I suffer?” etc. So instead of repeating myself I figured I’d chuck it all into a blog post so everyone can learn about my experience. A caveat here - it will be different for everyone. I know people who’ve had similar symptoms to me, as well as a majority who’ve had it less severe. I also seem to have had the symptoms in a bit of an unconventional order. Please visit NHS 111 Online if you have *any* symptoms you suspect might be coronavirus.

Before I go into the symptoms, I wanted to start with a bit of an impassioned rant, coming from a place of experience and therefore fear. We, the human population, need to take this virus seriously.

We need to respect the guidance the government has put in place. We need to stop trying to find loopholes in the rules, and stop going out because we can. Every time we leave our house, we are putting ourselves at risk of contracting it, and even worse, passing it onto thousands of others. Here's the maths:

Take that from a guy who nearly ended up in hospital (me 😥).

Whilst the rules do take away our freedoms, we need to stop being selfish and thinking that these are more important than the health of the elderly, the vulnerable and their carers.

What were the symptoms?

Day 1

It started with an innocent nap on the sofa, which never happens. I woke up from that with aches in my lower back, and even though I’d had an hour nap, I felt incredibly tired. I went to bed early.

Day 2

I woke up normal time, and felt like I’d been hit by a train. My body ached all over, particularly my lower back, and even though I’d slept a full night, I felt exhausted. I had a slight fever, but because of all the panic buyers, I hadn’t got a thermometer, nor could any of my friends drop one round as the shops didn’t have any. I slept on and off pretty much all day.

Day 3

Throughout day 2 and 3, the symptoms remained the same but the fever got worse and worse. The days kind of blur into one as I was in a constant state of being in and out of sleep. The fever was particularly concentrated on my chest and upper back, although my whole body was hot.

Day 4

Day 4 was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I had all the symptoms from the last three days, but dialled up. On top of that, my whole body decided to hate me a bit more - diarrhoea, a tight chest and a dry cough were all added. It peaked with me fainting twice whilst on my way back from a loo break because my fever was so bad. I rang 111 for medical advice (who were great but somewhat overworked), and we discussed sending an ambulance, eventually deciding not to but to keep a watch on the symptoms. Fortunately the additionally sugary food and extra water brought the fever under control - I hadn’t been eating enough because it removes your appetite.

Day 5

Finally the illness started to subside. I still had aches, some slight fatigue and a very slight fever. My chest was still tight, and I had the remnants of a dry cough. There was also a new, odd symptom where I lost my sense of smell but not my taste - which means every meal is a really intense taste challenge. It is weird not smelling anything.

Day 6

Today. I'm incredibly tired, and still can't smell anything. I have a slight tightness to my chest, but that's it now.

Please, please, please, take this illness seriously. Stay at home where you can. You don't *have* to go out for a walk or run every day. Minimise how much you leave your house to stop it spreading.