A collection of my thoughts - a sporadic stream of conciousness if you will.

My values to live by

Recently I've been thinking a lot about what my values are. Working in Tech companies, we've always had a set of values that have helped guide decisions and goals, but I realised that I'd never actually sat down and written my values down. The behaviours that I want to...

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Recovering from Coronavirus

I wrote a while back about what it was like when I had COVID-19. I managed to get it in the first week of the official lockdown in the UK. Why did I write about it? I saw across social media people, including some of my friends, not taking...

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The dough ball recipe

For those of you who've been to mine for a social gathering, you know that the dough balls are famous. I don’t know exactly where the recipe comes from, but it’s hand written in my recipe book. So many people have asked me for the recipe, I thought it was...

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I had coronvirus, this is what it was like

I’ve sadly had Coronavirus since Saturday and a fair few people have asked me “What’s it like?”, “What did I suffer?” etc. So instead of repeating myself I figured I’d chuck it all into a blog post so everyone can learn about my experience. A caveat here - it will...

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WFH tips

There’s loads of articles and videos out there about how to best work from home. I learned a lot about what works for me whilst I was working remotely for 2/3 years. Besides the obvious tips around your desk set up (it’s probably too late to change that too much...

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Dealing with dickheads on Twitter

I have a love hate relationship with Twitter. On one hand, I can credit the social network with my career path so far, having found every single one of my jobs through “my network” (what a great phrase).

On the other, it’s full of gammons who think opinion is fact,...

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I featured on a podcast in April

Every April, all of the London running crews get excited about the London Marathon. It's a celebration of running in the city, and the excitement on race day is so infectious.

This year, we were lucky enough to welcome the Take the Bridge series to London, on the weekend...

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Curating a playlist

I’ve decided to start curating a weekly round up of some tracks that I’ve been listening to. I also decided to share this.


I’m not actually sure. A few people have commented in the past that I have a weird, but fun taste in music. So I’m opening it...

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Being nicer to the planet.

I've been thinking a lot recently about how I can be nicer to the planet. The discussion on global warming makes me feel quite helpless, with talk of sea levels rising and engulfing parts of the UK, ice caps melting in turn causing polar bears to starve, amongst other...

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Twenty Eighteen, New Year new me etc. etc.

I wrote a brief summary on Twitter of my goals for 2018, and received a few questions in reply, so figured it was a great time to start putting one of these into practice!

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26 Hours in Venice

I spent 26 hours in Venice in January 2016, and took some photos. I'd definitely recommend visiting at this time of year, as the city was practically deserted, meaning there was a lot of opportunity to spend time in places that would usually be packed. I spent a lot of...

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