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Sometimes I write about the world of the tech industry, marketing, Saas startups and remote working.

I'm really interested in the tools which help us to work, particuarly since the world had to transition to working remotely.

Building your first email process

When you're a team of one, having a process to build your emails seems unimportant. You're a one person email superhero, wearing all the hats at once. You're invincible, your emails are perfect. Until, that is, you forget to close off your personalisation variable. "Dear {{}}" goes out to...

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WFH tips

There’s loads of articles and videos out there about how to best work from home. I learned a lot about what works for me whilst I was working remotely for 2/3 years. Besides the obvious tips around your desk set up (it’s probably too late to change that too much...

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The importance of using Plain English when you write

Something we’ve been working on a lot at Taxi for Email recently is the importance of using Plain English. I'm going to dive into what this means, and how this can help you.

So what is Plain English? The Plain English Campaign define it as “…a message, written with...

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Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker

My biggest takeaways from this book for me was the need to identify my own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these will help me identify what I need to work on to improve my career, and figure out where I'm headed:

"While analyzing, one will be able to understand their strengths,...

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Inside Intercom Rachel Hepworth, Head of Growth Marketing at Slack

My notes & takeaways

A key question for Rachel was "What was the right time to start growth marketing?".

In 2014/15, most of the growth was from a core group - developers. Once this pool was exhausted they needed to appeal to and...

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Inside Intercom Krithika Muthukumar, Product Marketing at Stripe

My notes & takeaways:

Krithika's early role involved a lot of content creation - there wasn’t much content on the site and customers didn’t know what features existed in the product. The next task was to establish channels to communicate feature launches, as...

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Inside Intercom Hana Abaza, Head of Marketing at Shopify Plus

I really enjoyed listening to this episode. I've worked with the Shopify platform a few times in the past, and have experienced their marketing as a user and a developer. It was fascinating listening to some of the tactics they've used on the...

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My 2018 Reading List

I'm trying to read more often, and consistently. In the last few years, the only time I've managed to read a book is whilst I'm on holiday. I'm a relatively fast reader, and I get stuck into a book if I'm enjoying it (I read "Ready Player One" in 2...

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Why is empathy important?

Empathy is important for a huge number of different roles in a company. From the support team, dealing with difficulties customers are having with the product, through to the designers and makers creating the product, having empathy is super useful.

However, how many people actually have empathy with the...

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