Customer Success Bootcamp

The best way to learn is to teach, so I figured why not go all in and work a bootcamp for people to learn the ins and outs of how to be good at Customer Success. Learning as I go! One of the key concepts that fascinates me is the commonalities between relationship based Customer Success, and marketing - particualrly the customer focused part of it.

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Tech Thoughts

Sometimes I write about the world of the tech industry, marketing, Saas startups and remote working.

I'm really interested in the tools which help us to work, particuarly since the world had to transition to working remotely.

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A collection of my thoughts - a sporadic stream of conciousness if you will.

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I had coronvirus, this is what it was like

I’ve sadly had Coronavirus since Saturday and a fair few people have asked me “What’s it like?”, “What did I suffer?” etc. So instead of repeating myself I figured I’d chuck it all into a blog post so everyone can...

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About me

I'm Ben. By day I do customer success at Taxi for Email, working with the #emailgeek community. By night, I run, I eat, and I make stuff.

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