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Retooling the site

10th December, 2023

*mic check* "Is this thing on?"

It's been a while since I wrote an article on my blog. There's a huge number of contributing reasons as to why, but front and foremost was the fact I had to hand code most of every blog post.

My old website was entirely hand-coded, on Github Pages. There was a lightweight version of Jekyll running under it, so I could at least use some of the templating features in it, but I had to convert the copy into <p> and <h> tags. It was long.

This has led to a huge number of half started blog posts, about a huge variety of topics. All sitting there in drafts.

So what's different this time around?

First up, I built the site on Framer. This means I can use a template as a starting point, and there are hundreds of components about the web that I can add in as needed. I "built" this site in less than half a day, and because it came from a template, I can start tweaking it as I need.

And this blog posts? I can just write them. No need to go around adding code in last minute, it just works.

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